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In this day and age, relationships are often weighed down by the stresses of life. From busy schedules to money problems to kids, relationships often take a blow as a result. But how can you put some spice back into your romance? Weekends away? Too expensive. Spontaneous dinners in the city? Contradicting agendas. Wild, passionate sex? You’ve already done that a million times. So what is the solution? How do you reignite the fire before it burns out for good? Well, here’s an idea: How about giving your significant other a sexy sensual massage?

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Why a sensual massage?
Proven to be one of the best relaxation techniques out there, sensual massages are guaranteed to submerge both you and your partner into a tranquil state of mind. Switching off is almost impossible for most people, but this incredibly spiritual massage technique is designed to encourage exactly that. By letting go of stress and anxiety, people are able to enjoy undisturbed relaxation and pleasure, which is imperative when it comes to reaffirming a bond within a relationship. If you’re holding onto any anger against your partner, you won’t by the end of the session. If you’re struggling to open up emotionally with your partner, you’ll feel more comfortable than ever by the end of the session. If you don’t feel like your partner is attracted to you anymore, you’ll feel sexier then you ever have by the end of your session. That is a promise.

Sensual massage in Vienna

Strengthen the trust and bond.
Sadly, a lack of trust is often the fatal blow for a great deal of relationships today. People are wary of social media, marriage isn’t as sacred anymore and cheating is, well, easy to do nowadays. However, there are ways to reaffirm your love without flashing the cash or deleting your Facebook account. All massages require trust, because you’re either handing over your body, or the body is in your hands. Receiving a sensual massage means that you’re surrendering yourself completely to your partner, and this requires closeness and faith.

Relax-Zone Vienna

Sensual massage helps build trustBuilds intimacy.
Intimacy comes in two different forms: Physical and mental- both of which are present through sensual massage. Sensual massages are incredibly intimate physically because they’re made up of slow and loving techniques designed to make you feel loved. Alternatively, they’re mentally intimate because they’re exposing and force you to open your mind and emotions. The receiver is made to feel pampered, secured and adored, whereas the giver feels dominant and giving. Every stroke will bring you closer together.

Bring back the intimacy with a sensual massage.

They make you feel in love.
Experiencing a sensual massage with your partner is a great way to liven up your relationship. Skin on skin touch stimulates the production of the ‘love drug’, oxytocin which increases the feeling love between two people. This powerful hormone might be just what you need to inject some passion back into your relationship. Both pleasurable and emotional, you’ll never feel closer to your partner then you will after a sensual massage.

Sensual massage makes you feel lovedIt’s the one-one-one time you need.
Living in a society where everyone has a smart phone glued to their hands and date nights now consist of ‘netflix and chill’, spending some real alone time together is uncommon. Sensual massages require only a few things: you, your partner, some massage oil and an open mind- the ultimate recipe for romance.

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